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Never lose your child !




BARKID is a smart and innovative system.

of a smart and trendy bracelet

specially designed for children.

which interfaces with the barkid application,

available free on the app store & google play.

barkid app will alert you every time

your child leaves your range .

witch you can modify in the app settings

in a range between 5-50m / 16-164ft.

But wait, there’s more!!

The bracelet

The barkid smart bracelet

specially designed for children


New apple ibeacon

technology inside


no need for recharged

(one year battery)

No sim card

NO gps







• Alerts when your child leaves your area


• Alerts to prevent your child from being left behind in the car


• Report missing button – If the bracelet exceeds the range the application supports,to let other barkid users to help you find your child


• A reminder to prevent your child from being left at kindergarten






let you set custom remainders


set the range limit of your choice

RANGE BETWEEN 5-50M / 16-164FT


choose your alert sounds









simple and intuitive interface

see last locations

and other barkid users

you can order bracelets

straight from the app


How does it work?


The bracelet and the app are based on distance.

Each time the bracelet goes out of the range you set up in the app (10-45 meters) you will receive a warning on the parent’s phone.

If you leave your child in the vehicle, you will be warned that you are getting away from him.

If the child enters the pool or the sea, without your knowledge, when you are in the area, you will be alerted so that you can save him.

If your child is out of range supported by the application, you can click the “Report Absence” button and as soon as your child approaches the user in another bar, you will get your child’s location on a map with the ability to navigate to the user’s location.
In addition, when your child is out of range, you can watch the last position your child was seen at, before leaving the range. Our service keeps your children safe and always close to you.


What happens when the child goes from range to a safe place, for example, a garden or a school?


When the child is out of range, you will receive a warning. All you have to do is press the “It’s OK” button and the alarm will stop. When your child returns to the range, the service will resume automatically.


Is the bracelet resistant to water and dust?


Yes, definitely, these are children after all…


What age is it recommended using this bracelet?


From zero to 10 years old.


Can I connect to a bracelet by two or more devices?


Yes, but first one user must register to the application using the user name and password he chooses, synchronize the bracelets he purchased with the application and after finishing the setup, you can pass the user name and password to other users.


What devices does the bracelet support?


Bluetooth 4, iPhone 5 and above (iOS 8 operating system) and Android 4.3 or higher. To check if your device is supported, you can search for “BARKID” in the app store.


Can I turn off the bracelet?


Yes, by pressing for 15 seconds.


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